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Meet the aboc IT staff

Carl Brewer

Carl has been a UNIX systems administrator since 1989, where he worked at the University of Melbourne at the Engineering Computing Resource centre (DECR) and then at the Institute of Applied Economics and Social Research (IAESR).  Both of these sites were using Sun Solaris 1 (SunOS 4.1.x) UNIX systems.

Carl moved to Perth in 1993 to work with the University of Western Australia Library, where he was a part of a move from a minicomputer system (URICA) to UNIX based library automation (Sun Solaris 1 and 2, Innopac Library software) and also maintaining a part of the AARNet network and core university routing infrastructure. At that time Carl was involved in pioneering information access systems over the WWW, and developed websites for the UWA library and Rally Australia. 

Moving back to Melbourne to work with a IT consultancy firm in 1996 (ABM, now Infrasecure/e-Secure) Carl developed a DNS and NTP solution for Westpac Bank, a distributed router configuration control system for Australia Post and Cisco, and a firewall infrastructure and management system for Gas and Fuel/Energy Information Systems (now part of Hancorp) as well as being heavily involved in the development and implementation of a remote security monitoring service (Infrasecure) using Solaris 2.x through to Solaris 10 and various flavours of Linux including Redhat 7.0, 7.3 and RHEL 3, 4 and 5, NetBSD and OpenBSD.

Carl then moved to work for Vivitec in 2001, a niche web hosting and development company specialising in perl and zope hosting, and at the same time started aboc IT consulting, working with small businesses as an integrator and support consultant as well as offering Plone hosting and development.  In 2007 Vivitec closed down and Carl took over Vivitec's hosting business as part of aboc IT Consulting.

Carl has extensive experience with UNIX systems, Windows desktop support and network infrastructure.  Carl is fluent in many systems programming languages and many computing environments and has strong troubleshooting skills.

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